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Based on the Aesop fable, 'The Hare and the Tortoise.'


One bright sunny morning,

 as Tortoise hummed along;

 Hare jumped without warning...

and stopped his happy song !


“Stop it!” frowned the tortoise,

Hare bounced around some more!

The animals sighed, shook their heads..

“Hare, you boastful bore!”


“C'mon, you all know it!

I’m simply just the best!!

And so…just to prove it…

I’ll take upon a test!


A race of speed with anyone,

who can handle such a feat!

Although I already know

I’m impossible to beat!!”


Said Tortoise, “Lets do this!

Its time you lost your pride!”

“You??? Beat me?” went Hare

“Have you looked at my stride?

Your courage my dear friend

 is very very fine.

But I’m sorry in the end,

The trophy will be mine!”




With excited and nervous hearts,

The animals watched this race

As he waited for the start

Hare jumped around in place!


“Get... set… GO! they cried.

Hare grinned, “OK GoodBye!”

Off he bolted at top speed!

“I’m going to win… yes indeed!”


Tortoise began, at his best pace

But was it enough to win the race?

He had a point he had to make,

Boasting is big mistake!


Halfway through Hare looked back.

No sign of tortoise on the track.

“Plenty of time!” he said and lay

on the grass and dozed away!


Tortoise kept on going!

Not stopping!! Not slowing!!

Until he quietly passed by

the sleeping hare, snoring high!


As he marched, there it was,

The finish line before his eyes.

He smiled but didn’t rest because

his eyes were on the prize!!

Hare woke up with a yawn

He then remembered the race was on.

Up he stood and ran and ran

To get there first was the plan.


Soon enough, what did he see?

The finish line by the tree!

But wait, who was almost there?

The tortoise marching like a bear!!


“I can’t believe what I see!

What have I done; how can this be?”

Cried the hare, “The loss is mine!”

As tortoise crossed the finish line!

Hey Kids!! What did you think of the tortoise's achievement? Is it hard to believe in yourself when the odds are against you? Remember you maybe slow but if you are steady you will win the race!!


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