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Folk Tale from Nepal!


Down flew the sparrow

He found a little bean.

‘Tummy… no more sorrow!

First I’ll bathe and be clean.”


The bird flew high,

Smiled at the sky…

He went splash into the river;

 Gave his beak a little quiver.


He flew to his nest,

For some food and some rest.

He chirped a little song,

Wait… Bean was gone.


He flew up and down,

Searched all around

Nowhere to be seen…

The yummy little bean.


“Help,” he said,

To the people of the town.

But much to his dread,

They gave him a frown.


Carpenter laughed at him,

Soldier huffed, “You fool!”

Minister screamed, “Bah!”

The King said Boo!


Sparrow tried in vain.

They didn’t care for his pain.

An ant who felt sorry,

Said, “I’ll help, don’t worry!.”


 King on his elephant

 were marching down the street.

Ant walked up the elephant,

With a hop, skip and beat.

In his ear he whispered, 

"I don't want to fight,

but if you don't find the bean,

your ear I will bite.  


Elephant turned to King,

“Please do your part.

If Ant bites my ear,

You’ll fall for a start.”


King jumped, he got very mean.

Minister shivered, “Bean must be seen.”

Soldier ran, “search the scene.”

Carpenter finally found the bean.


Sparrow smiled, what a day!

Ant smiled as he walked away.

Big or small, don’t forget.

You deserve every bit of respect.

Dear Kids,

Do you ever feel like you are not taken seriously because you are little? Remember that learning to speak up for yourself is a big part of growing up.

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