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Shepherd boy and his sheep,

Walked along half asleep.

To the pastures for a graze…

Yawning and in a daze.


The sheep were happy, in the sun.

But the boy craved for fun.

As he thought, he  smiled and said,

Here’s an plan in my head.”


He giggled as his fun began.

“Ok, snobby village clan!

HELP, HELP, A WOLF!” he cried

Screaming, jumping as he lied.


The villagers ran to the hill,

and found the sheep grazing still

They brought the axe and the rake,

“Sorry folks, my cry was fake.


I was bored, I screamed for fun.

T’was a sight to see you run.”

The folk were angry, really mad.

“To lie like that? Really bad!!”


Off they went, down the hill.

“Goodbye boy, just sit still.”

The boy chuckled, he had fun.

Now he lay back, in the sun.


He startled up, what was that?

The wind, a bird or a cat?

Out stepped the rumbling growl!

A hungry wolf with a scowl!!


HELP, HELP, A WOLF!” he cried.

Screaming, jumping, how hard he tried

The folks said, “He screams in vain.

This boy is such a pain.”


So they just kept on going.

With their raking and their sowing

Wolf looked at the sheep.

He grabbed at one with a leap.

Back in town, he cried and cried,

“You didn’t help.” So they replied,

“If you hadn’t so happily lied,

we would have been there by your side.

No more lying, it’s not cool.

No one wants to be the fool!

For no one will in believe you,

when you try... to be true.”


Hey kids,

Do you know someone who bluffs and plays pranks all the time? What happens when they actually try and tell the truth???

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