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 by Prarthana Gururaj.
Illustrations by Dominik Erazo
This story is copyrighted by Storysprouts publishing. 


See… the lions had a situation!


They caught a little lamb, for a yummy feast!

But who gets the most,

and...who will get the least?

'Now listen, I need half ', said the oldest of them all.

'Not a chance,' said his brother. “That’s not fair at all!’


As the lions began their fight, the lamb at first was still.

Then he began to slowly grin…and scampered down the hill.


Story Sprouts!


It was the middle of the jungle, and this was quite a sight.

There were roars and rumbles, from the lions and their fight.


‘He’s gone!’ they roared, ‘He made fools of us all!’

They were angry and hungry. 

‘He’s smart though he’s small.’

They found him under a tree, and said, ‘Got you, now, hold still.

You tricked us once but now...

You’re coming back up our hill.’

The lamb was scared. These lions were big and tall!

But remember, he was smart though he was small.


'You got me', he sighed, 'There is no escape.

But  I do wonder…who will now eat the most?

Which of you will raise the toast?

Who will get the lion’s share?

Who will wait for what’s left to spare?’

‘I eat first!’ together they said.Then they looked at each other with anger and with dread.


They puffed their manes and opened their jaws.

They roared, they jumped, they bared their claws.


The lions fought…the lamb stood still.

Then he slowly grinned and ran down the hill.

Hey kids, what do you feel about the lamb's quick thinking. Do you think he was an observant chap who used the lions' foolishness to his advantage? How observant are you of someone else and their behavior? Is that a skill you would like to develop? 

About the illustrator ...

Dominik Erazo 

Dominik is from Ecuador. He has a degree in cinema and has worked on children's books for a few years now. He has completed various projects all over the world including Switzerland, Spain, Costa Rica and the US. 

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