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Jeff the giraffe walked by his herd,

he saw their grins and heard their words.

His limping leg, got the stare...

“Peg leg,” they said, with a glare!


Their words put Jeff in a bad mood.

Their mocking was so rude and crude!!

He had taken a fall and tumbled downhill.

He was now working on his walking skill.


At first, he felt sad at what they said.

Then he made it a challenge instead.

When the others took a nap after lunch

he worked on his leg!! Bend- Squat- Lunge.


He walked up and down the hillside;

 to make his legs strong and agile.

The others smirked, ‘Limpy up the hill.’

That made his resolve stronger still.


One day, he came down from his trek...

a mother giraffe came running with panic!!

Her baby was lost, and someone had said,

he went up the hillside, to the flowerbed!!


The little baby was lost and scared...

yet going to get him... no one dared!!

None of the others knew the ways,

Up the hill  and along narrow trails!


“Mountain lion in the area,” someone mumbled.

Big rainy clouds gathered and rumbled.

Up the hill Jeff went, as quickly as he could.

Darkness was coming and that wouldn’t be good


Along a trail as the flowers got nearer,

he found the baby curled up in a corner.

"You're safe," said Jeff with a sigh.

"Mum is waiting, come on little guy!!"


Back downhill, there was joy and relief!

The mockers of Jeff, were in silent disbelief.

Jeff continued to limp with his walk,

and he didn't care for rude talk.


Jeff taught them a lesson to remember...

That only the weak mock the others!

‘Not nice things’ can happen to us all...

Our response is what makes them big or small.


Hey Kids! Remember Jeff the next time someone says something mean to you. You are in control of how you respond. You can use it to pull yourself down or up. Which way will you go?

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