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Listen as you read along...

Splish and splash; Dip and dash!!

In the water of the lake,

Jumped the fish, wide awake.


Scales of red, fins of green,

Fish in every colour you've seen.


Up and down, making a splash

Shining colours in a flash


Now few men came walking by...

And saw the fish jump up high.


Yum... they thought, they look good!

Time to cook them all for food.


When the fish saw the men,

They worried they would come again.


They called a meeting in the lake,

A careful plan they had to make.


"Let us leave," said some wise fish,

 "And not end up a yummy dish."


Others laughed at the wise,

They shook their fins and rolled their eyes.


"They are gone, just relax.

Don’t over think the simple facts."


The wise ones were not convinced.

When the men came by, they flapped and winced.


"They’re back and they are stitching a net,

It's fair to say that there is a threat."


The others laughed at the wise,

They shook their fins and rolled their eyes.


"The net needs stitching for many a moon,

They won’t be done, all that soon!


The wise worried and kept an eye,

The others laughed and swam on by!


One evening, the net was done

Gleaming in the setting sun.


The wise said, "Tonight they come,

To cast the net and beat their drum!"


The others laughed at the wise.

"They wont be back till sunrise.


We can leave in the morning."

But the wise took the warning.


They swam away through the night

To the river, by daylight.


And the foolish ones who stayed

Woke up and were dismayed.


For the net was upon them all

With no escape, none at all.


In the river, the wise fish splashed.

Up and down, dip and dash. 


Hey kids, what do you think about the way in which the different fish analyzed and assessed their situation. Do you take the opinion of others on what would be a smart way to look at your own situation or do you feel like you are the best judge? What skills do you use in a 'reality check'?

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