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The elephant and his dance!
A Jataka tale


The King loved big elephant..

Who was gentle and yet strong!

He flipped his ears out and in

And danced to every song!


The little children loved him,

He gave them fun rides.

He carried them to the riverside

And made his trunk a slide.


But one fine day… no one could say.

He lost his dancing beat!

He was suddenly all mad and sad,

Gone was the creature sweet!


He got angry, cross and mean.

Letting no one near him to play!

The king had enough of what he had seen,

‘Watch him” he said, “Night and Day”

knight-1598216_1280 (1).png

That night the king’s men found a surprise

A gang of thieves sitting near the creature,

Talking about their notorious rise

And all the mean things they planned to feature.


“Catch them,” said the King, “And one more thing!

Send some good men to speak joyfully and sing,

By the elephant’s pen for a few days…

He will slowly change his ways.”


Sure enough as the animal’s company improved,

He got into a far better mood!

He began to dance and take kids on rides!

Happy to make many more trunk slides!


Hey kids, here's a question for you...

 How do the people you spend time with influence who you are? Who do you spend most of your time with?

Poem is copyrighted by Prarthana Gururaj

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