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A Panchatantra Tale



Listen as you read along

“Here he comes!” cried the deer.

The forest animals ran in fear.


Lion growled from  his cave!

“I’m the best, and most brave.”


He wasn't brave, not at all.

He was cruel to one and all.


“One of you shall everyday.

Volunteer to be my prey.


Else beware, big or small

I will eat one and all."


So it was that one day,

Rabbit was to be the prey.


And the smart little Rabbit.

Decided to try and end this habit.


He didn’t show up till afternoon.

Lion growled like a hungry goon.


“GRRR! You’re late”, he shook his mane.

His eyes were red; he looked insane.


“Now you shall meet your fate.

But how dare you come so late?”


I was rushing to meet you sir,

Said Rabbit, sweating and trembling in fear.


“The bigger Lion on the hill,

Said he wanted someone to kill.”

“THE BIGGER LION???” frowned Lion now.

“I’m the biggest!” he gave a growl.


“Sorry Lord, but I hate to say,

He’s a MONSTER, so run away.”


Lion bellowed, “Take me to him.”

He shook his mane, his growl was grim.


Rabbit went to a well in the ground.

“He’s in there… don’t make a sound.


You'll wake up the horrible beast.

He’ll eat you and me for a feast.”


Lion peeked, what did he see?

His reflection. “He looks just like me!’


Into the well, he loudly roared.

He trembled when the roar echoed.


“Fight me!” he screamed, looking fierce.

“Fight me!” returned the voice like spears.


Mad with rage, with a roaring yell.

He lunged into the deep well.


Rabbit was quiet, Rabbit was still.

He turned and walked to his hill.


The cruel lion met his fate.

No other animal he ever ate.


Hey kids, do you know a bully around you? Do they scare you into doing things you don't like or do they make you feel bad about yourself.This Panchatantra story is not about promoting violence but is about actively finding solutions to protect yourself from a bully. First and foremost, talk to your parents if someone is bullying you.  

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