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Cat was happy, when he spoke to his band,

‘I say lads, we have seen it all on land!

Let’s sail with the pirates and sing with the sea.

We’ll sneak aboard the ship, stay quiet behind me.


As they snuck in below deck, without a single sound,

A pack of rats they found... big and round!

‘LOOK WHO IS HERE!’ a rat give a bark!

He had the paws of a dog and teeth of a shark!!


He was their king…Burly, they said,

He scratched his belly, and shook his head!

‘You cats came to my ship, big mistake,

We rats are hungry and love cat steak!


The rats gave a laugh; the cats gave a jump!

Cat sweat a little and his throat had a lump!

These were no little mice he would like for lunch!

They were a cat scaring, mean rat bunch!


Cat gave a soft bow; his tail did a swing,

‘I have heard so much about you… great King!’

‘That you can chew a plank in half, with one bite!

You can make a pirate turn... pale and white!’


‘Aye!’ Rat grinned, ‘You have heard right indeed!’

It’s true... that I am a special breed!’

Cat raised an eyebrow as he bent down low,

‘Perhaps nothing would be better than a little show!’


Rat marched to the deck and Cat followed him now.

To the end of the plank, Rat twirled his tail around!

He swung under the board and latched his teeth to the wood

He bit off the piece, and chewed it like food!

end of rat.jpg

This was Cat’s moment, he drew his sword,

Off went Rat’s tail that held him to the board!!

Down plunged Rat, the sea was cold,

The sharks were hungry the other rats were told!


So it was that Cat and his merry band,

Relaxed on the ship from sea to sand!

A pirate said to Blackbeard, ‘I don’t see rats anymore!’

Cat stretched on the deck and settled for a snore!

Pictures are thanks to Pixabay

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